Licensed Products

MV Index Solutions licenses the MVIS Indices to financial institutions for use as the basis for investment products. The indices published on this website are owned by MV Index Solutions and the trademarks used in the indices are the intellectual property of Van Eck Associates Corporation.

A licence agreement is required to use indices, index data or trademarks for any commercial purpose, or for research and analysis, or for the issuance, launch, promotion or marketing of financial products such as exchange-traded products, mutual funds, certificates, derivatives, swaps, bonds or OTC products linked to or based on MVIS Indices.

Please contact us for information on obtaining a licence.

MVIS Indices are licensed to financial institutions to underlie 39 exchange-traded products with in total USD 13.31 billion of assets under management. The information provided here is updated daily and provides the full list of licensed indices and the corresponding financial products.

IndexProductTickerAUM (mln USD)
MVAFKTRVanEck Vectors Africa Index ETFAFK56.03
MVBBHTRVanEck Vectors Biotech ETFBBH427.47
MVBIZDTGVanEck Vectors BDC Income ETFBIZD192.32
MVBJKTRVanEck Vectors Gaming ETFBJK27.25
MVBRFTRVanEck Vectors Brazil Small-Cap ETFBRF96.47
MVEGPTTRVanEck Vectors Egypt Index ETFEGPT34.23
MVEMAGVanEck Vectors EM Aggregate Bond ETFEMAG25.81
MVFLTRVanEck Vectors Inv. Grade Floating Rate ETFFLTR622.84
MVFRAKTRVanEck Vectors Unconventional Oil & Gas ETFFRAK35.29
MVGDXJTRDirexion Daily Jr. Gold Miners Bull 3X ETFJNUG624.97
MVGDXJTRDirexion Daily Jr. Gold Miners Bear 3X ETFJDST74.95
MVGDXJTRVanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners UCITS ETFGDXJ LN77.96
MVGDXJTRVanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETFGDXJ4,126.66
MVIDXTRVanEck Vectors Indonesia Index ETFIDX48.46
MVKOLTRVanEck Vectors Coal ETFKOL57.08
MVMOOTRVanEck Vectors Agribusiness ETFMOO761.92
MVMORTETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Mortgage REIT ETNMORL419.81
MVMORTETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Mortgage REIT ETN Series BMRRL68.80
MVMORTTRVanEck Vectors Mortgage REIT Income ETFMORT150.65
MVNLRTRVanEck Vectors Uranium+Nuclear Energy ETFNLR25.48
MVOIHTRVanEck Vectors Oil Services ETFOIH1,155.83
MVPLNDTRVanEck Vectors Poland ETFPLND13.74
MVPPHTRVanEck Vectors Pharmaceutical ETFPPH237.69
MVREMXTRVanEck Vectors Rare Earth/Strategic Metals ETFREMX112.88
MVRSXDirexion Daily Russia Bull 3X Shares ETFRUSL155.01
MVRSXDirexion Daily Russia Bear 3X Shares ETFRUSS18.59
MVRSXTRVanEck Vectors Russia ETFRSX1,540.91
MVRSXJTRVanEck Vectors Russia Small-Cap ETFRSXJ33.70
MVRTHTRVanEck Vectors Retail ETFRTH107.42
MVSCIFTRVanEck Vectors India Small-Cap Index ETFSCIF183.92
MVSMHTRVanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETFSMH748.70
MVVNMTRVanEck Vectors Vietnam ETFVNM327.62
MVMVRTRGVanEck Vectors Australian Resources ETFMVR36.66
MVMVBTRGVanEck Vectors Australian Banks ETFMVB29.14
MVMVATRGVanEck Vectors Australian Property ETFMVA108.70
MVMVWTRGVanEck Vectors Australian Equal Weight ETFMVW456.27
MVMVSTRGVanEck Vectors Small Cap Dividend Payers ETFMVS40.05
MVCRAKTRVanEck Vectors Oil Refiners ETFCRAK41.97
MVESPOTRVanEck Vectors Video Gaming And Esports ETFESPO7.38