BlueStar E-Brokers & Trading Platforms Index

An index providing exposure to global online brokerage or market making activities, or digital asset portfolio management or capital market activities.

Key Features

Size and Liquidity RequirementsFull market capitalization of at least 150 mln USD. Three month average daily value traded of at least 1 mln USD at a review and also at the previous two quarters. At least 250,000 shares traded per month over the last six months at a review and also at the previous two quarters.
Universe Companies have to generate at least 50% of revenue from online brokerage, digital asset capital markets, or market making activities.
Diversification Companies are weighted by float-adjusted market capitalization with a maximum component weight of 8%.
Review Semi-annual in June and December.
IndexLast CloseOpenLastChangeChange (1Y)Range (1Y)
250.04 250.04 --- -
274.07 274.07 --- -
Symbol IndexName
BEBKR BlueStar E-Brokers & Trading Platforms Price Index
BEBKRNTR BlueStar E-Brokers & Trading Platforms Total Return Net Index