MVIS North America Energy Infrastructure Index

The MVIS North American Energy Infrastructure Index is a global index that tracks the performance of the North American energy infrastructure segment. The index includes companies with at least 50% (25% for current components) of their revenues from energy infrastructure. These companies may include midstream companies incl. MLPs which are involved in oil and gas pipelines, storage facilities, and other activities associated with transporting, storing and gathering natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil or refined products. The MVIS North America Energy Infrastructure Index (MVEINC) covers at least 90% of the investable universe. Most demanding size and liquidity screenings are applied to potential index components to ensure investability. It has been licensed to underlie financial products with currently USD 26.55 million in assets under management.

Country and Sector Weightings

MVIS Hard Assets Indices are pure-play indices. Companies must generate at least 50% of their revenues in the target area of a certain index to be eligible for index inclusion. Country weightings are based on the weightings of all index components in a certain country.

Canada6 33.54%
United States24 66.46%
Total30 100.00%
Energy29 97.91%
Industrials1 2.09%
Total30 100.00%

Size Weightings

  • Large-Cap: companies with a market capitalisation above 6,000 mln USD
  • Mid-Cap: companies with a market capitalisation from 1,500 mln to 6,000 mln USD
  • Small-Cap: companies with a market capitalisation from 200 mln to 1,500 mln USD
  • Micro-Cap: companies with a market capitalisation up to 200 mln USD
SizeMarket CapComponentsWeight
Large-Cap415,314,066,600 USD18 78.56%
Mid-Cap37,960,786,600 USD12 21.44%
Total453,274,853,200 USD30 100.00%