MVIS Global Agribusiness Index

The MVIS Global Agribusiness Index (MVMOO) tracks the performance of the largest and most liquid companies in the global agribusiness segment. This is a modified market cap-weighted index, and only includes companies that generate at least 50% of their revenues from agri-chemicals and fertilisers, seeds and traits, farm/irrigation equipment and farm machinery, agricultural products (incl. Grain, tobacco, meat, poultry, and sugar), aquaculture and fishing, livestock, plantations, and trading of agricultural products. MVMOO covers at least 90% of the investable universe.

Country and Sector Weightings

MVIS Hard Assets Indices are pure-play indices. Companies must generate at least 50% of their revenues in the target area of a certain index to be eligible for index inclusion. Country weightings are based on the weightings of all index components in a certain country.

Canada1 6.69%
United States19 55.30%
Denmark1 0.22%
Germany2 7.21%
Netherlands2 3.26%
Norway4 4.26%
Sweden1 1.12%
Switzerland1 0.64%
United Kingdom1 0.74%
Australia2 1.68%
Indonesia1 0.61%
Israel1 1.05%
Japan4 4.48%
Malaysia4 1.57%
Singapore1 1.80%
Taiwan1 0.39%
Thailand1 0.73%
Brazil1 0.78%
Chile1 1.90%
Mauritius1 0.13%
Russia1 0.54%
Bermuda1 1.72%
Cayman Islands1 2.57%
Faroe Islands1 0.61%
Total54 100.00%
Materials14 26.10%
Industrials7 18.45%
Consumer Discretionary 1 4.26%
Consumer Staples26 27.53%
Health Care6 23.66%
Total54 100.00%

Size Weightings

  • Large-Cap: companies with a market capitalisation above 6,000 mln USD
  • Mid-Cap: companies with a market capitalisation from 1,500 mln to 6,000 mln USD
  • Small-Cap: companies with a market capitalisation from 200 mln to 1,500 mln USD
  • Micro-Cap: companies with a market capitalisation up to 200 mln USD
SizeMarket CapComponentsWeight
Large-Cap759,603,701,800 USD32 88.35%
Mid-Cap89,383,327,900 USD21 11.47%
Small-Cap1,084,318,200 USD1 0.17%
Total850,071,347,900 USD54 100.00%