MVIS US Investment Grade Floating Rate Index

The MVIS US Investment Grade Floating Rate index (MVFLTR) tracks the performance of US-investment grade floating rate notes. MVFLTR is a modified market cap-weighted index, and Included in the index are USD-denominated floating rate notes issued by corporate entities or similar commercial entities that are public reporting companies in the United States. Additionally, they must have at least one investment grade rating by a rating agency and must not be rated 'below investment grade' by any rating agency. Only bonds with an amount outstanding of at least USD 500 mln are available for inclusion. Securities included in the index must have a minimum of 6 months remaining to maturity.

Index Fundamentals

The tables below show fundamental data of the MVIS Bond Index.
Descriptive values are updated on a daily basis. The chart shows historical values on a monthly basis.

Average Yield to Maturity1.98
Average Modified Duration2.77
Average Years to Maturity3.05
Average Coupon1.64
Yield to Worst1.94
Current Yield1.66

Rating and Maturity Breakdown

The tables below show Bloomberg Composite Rating breakdown and Maturity breakdown of the index components.
The data are updated on a daily basis.

Investment Grade225 99.84%
Not Rated1 0.16%
0 - 3 Years191 69.45%
3 - 5 Years27 24.65%
5 - 7 Years5 4.20%
7 - 10 Years--
10 - 15 Years1 0.58%
15 - 20 Years--
20+ Years2 1.12%