MVIS® EM Corporate Bond (USD&EUR) Index

The MVIS EM Corporate Bond (USD&EUR) Index (MVEMCD) tracks the performance of Emerging Markets corporate bonds denominated in USD or EUR. MVEMCD is a modified market cap-weighted index, and is derived from the MVIS EM Aggregate Bond Index (MVEMAG), which tracks the performance of emerging markets sovereign bonds and corporate bonds denominated in USD, EUR, or local emerging markets currencies. To be included in the MVEMAG index, bonds must be issued by either an emerging markets sovereign, a quasi-sovereign issuer, or a corporate issuer whose primary country of risk is deemed to be an emerging market country.

Index Fundamentals

The tables below show fundamental data of the MVIS Bond Index.
Descriptive values are updated on a daily basis. The chart shows historical values on a monthly basis.

Average Yield to Maturity0.00
Average Modified Duration0.00
Average Years to Maturity9.06
Average Coupon0.00
Yield to Worst0.00
Current Yield0.00

Rating and Maturity Breakdown

The tables below show Bloomberg Composite Rating breakdown and Maturity breakdown of the index components.
The data are updated on a daily basis.

High Yield688 34.01%
Investment Grade1,080 50.29%
Not Rated613 15.69%
0 - 3 Years718 22.89%
3 - 5 Years593 21.17%
5 - 7 Years293 13.84%
7 - 10 Years340 16.55%
10 - 15 Years58 3.42%
15 - 20 Years42 3.01%
20+ Years337 19.12%