BlueStar Indexes

As of 1 August, 2020 the BlueStar Indexes are administered by MVIS. For detailed information and index related documents please visit All index information and related documents will be available on shortly.

Index Name Index Ticker
BlueStar 5G Communications Index BFIVGTR
BlueStar Artificial Intelligence Index BAINTR
BlueStar Asia Technology Index BSEAQNTR
BlueStar Autonomous Driving Index BAUTNTR
BlueStar Blockchain Technology IndexBBLKNTR
BlueStar China Internet Software Index BCHNQNTR
BlueStar Data Center and Logistics Real Estate Index BDLRTNTR
BlueStar E-Commerce US Leaders Index BECOMNTR
BlueStar E-Games Index BEGAMNTR
BlueStar Fintech Index BFNQNTR
BlueStar Future Utilities IndexBRUTLNTR
BlueStar Food and Agriculture Sustainability Index BFOODTR
BlueStar Genomic Health Care Index BDNANTR
BlueStar Global 5G Connectivity Index BGFGNTR
BlueStar GreenTech Index BGTQNTR
BlueStar Internet of Things Index BIOTUNTR
BlueStar Israel Global Index BLS
BlueStar Israel Global Strategic Dividend Index BLSSD
BlueStar Israel Global Strategic Value Index BLSSV
BlueStar Israel Global Technology Index BGTH
BlueStar Israel Global Total Investable Market Index BITMTR
BlueStar NextGen Video Gaming Index BAUGTR
BlueStar Quantum Computing and Machine Learning Index BQTUMTR
BlueStar Robotics Index BRBTNTR
BlueStar Solar Energy Industry Index BSOLRNTR
BlueStar Top 10 US Banks Index BUBNKNTR
BlueStar Total Security Index BTOTNTR
BlueStar Travel and Vacation Index BTOURNTR
Solactive-BlueStar Israel Domestic Exposure Index IDEITR
Solactive-BlueStar Israel Global Exposure Index IGEITR

Documentation and information on this website does currently not apply to BlueStar Indexes.