The MVIS® Indices are protected through various intellectual property rights and unfair competition and misappropriation laws. In particular, Van Eck Associates Corporation has registered the «MVIS» trademark.

You require a license to launch any product whose performance is linked to the value of a particular MVIS® index, for example, derivatives, bonds, swaps and OTC products and for all use of the MVIS® name or name of the MVIS® index in the marketing of the product. The prices may vary depending on the product and the assets under management.

The data comprised in the MVIS® indexes is provided via this website, and via specialized data vendors. However the subscription to such services does not cover the use of a MVIS® index for a financial product.

Neither MV Index Solutions GmbH (the «Company») nor any of its licensors makes any warranties or representations, express or implied, to the user with respect to the access to, and the use of, the website or any of the data contained therein. The data is provided for informational purposes only, and the Company shall not be responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted or made available through this website.

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