Index History and Components

MVIS provides the full history of index values and the corresponding component data for all of its indices.

  • Closing Data files: contain market close snapshots for all index constituents.
  • Corporate Actions files: contain corporate actions implemented at the next trading day.
  • Opening Data files: display adjusted values for the next trading day.

Data files and descriptive index documents are intended for registered users only. Please register to access and download the documents and files of your choice.

All data is updated on a daily basis.

Country IndicesHistoryComponents
MVIS Altman N. Am. Defaulted & Distressed Bond
MVIS Altman North America Defaulted Bond
MVIS Altman North America Distressed Bond
MVIS Asia (Dev) Long/Short Equity
MVIS Australia (AUD)
MVIS Australia A-REITs (AUD)
MVIS Australia Banks (AUD)
MVIS Australia Equal Weight (AUD)
MVIS Australia Resources (AUD)
MVIS Australia Small-Cap (AUD)
MVIS Australia Small-Cap Dividend Payers (AUD)
MVIS Australia Uncapped (AUD)
MVIS Brazil
MVIS Brazil Small-Cap
MVIS Chile
MVIS Colombia
MVIS Egypt
MVIS EM Aggregate Bond
MVIS EM Corporate Bond (local FX)
MVIS EM Corporate Bond (USD&EUR)
MVIS EM Long/Short Equity
MVIS EM Sovereign Bond (Local FX)
MVIS EM Sovereign Bond (USD&EUR)
MVIS Global Agribusiness
MVIS Global Coal
MVIS Global Event Long/Short Equity
MVIS Global Gaming
MVIS Global Junior Gold Miners
MVIS Global Long/Short Equity
MVIS Global Mortgage REITs
MVIS Global Rare Earth/Strategic Metals
MVIS Global Solar Energy
MVIS Global Steel
MVIS Global Unconventional Oil & Gas
MVIS Global Uranium & Nuclear Energy
MVIS Global Oil Refiners
MVIS India
MVIS India Small-Cap
MVIS Indonesia
MVIS Kuwait
MVIS Malaysia
MVIS Mexico
MVIS Nigeria-Focused Western Africa
MVIS North America Long/Short Equity
MVIS Pakistan
MVIS Philippines
MVIS Poland
MVIS Qatar
MVIS Russia
MVIS Russia Small-Cap
MVIS South Africa
MVIS Thailand
MVIS Turkey
MVIS United Arab Emirates
MVIS US Listed Biotech 25
MVIS US Business Development Companies
MVIS US Dynamic Put Write
MVIS US Investment Grade Floating Rate
MVIS US Listed Oil Services 25
MVIS US Listed Pharmaceutical 25
MVIS US Listed Retail 25
MVIS US Listed Semiconductor 25
MVIS US Treasury-Hedged High Yield Bond
MVIS Vietnam
MVIS Western Europe Long/Short Equity