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This section contains the latest index updates and press releases. The entire list of publications is available in the News section.

27 September 2016
Monthly Review MVIS Long/Short Equity Indices 09/2016

27 September 2016
Monthly Review MVIS Bond Indices 09/2016

Index Reviews

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Performance Reports

The Monthly Index Report tracks the performance of the MVIS Indices. MVIS top performers are announced each month.

September 2016
Monthly Performance of the MVIS Long/Short Equity Indices 08/2016

September 2016
Best Performing MVIS Indices 08/2016

Latest Commentaries

MVIS OneHundred

The Rainbow Nation aka South Africa

Charl Malan, Senior Analyst, VanEck

EM Bond Reports

MVIS EM Aggregate Bond Index Report 08/2016

Video Viewpoint

Why Allocate to Commodities?

by Roland Morris, Portfolio Manager and Strategist